Meet the Team

Who better to tell you all about us, than us? Each of our team is described here through the eyes of their teammates, providing a fun, light-hearted insight into what makes each of us tick.

Angelique is the epitome of what you get when you mix an unmatched passion for first aid with someone that enjoys life to the extreme - the world's best first aid trainer! She has over 18 years in the industry and is well respected by all as well as being one of the most organised people I have ever met in regard to First Aid training. A great trainer with a unique take on course materials and teaching style, and a first-class friend to boot. You are sure to have an absolute blast during her courses and leave with a wealth of knowledge.

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Deepa is the consummate gentleman, quietly spoken with a wicked dry humour that will pop up when you least expect it. This sure keeps learners entertained and informed on any course he teaches! You would have to travel a long way to find a more caring individual; he is always happy to help, and nothing is a problem. He is a very proud dad as well as a bit of a collector of very cool classic cars.

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Al, well what can we say?! A larger than life character with a huge knowledge of the business world and how it works. Al does not pull his punches and will tell it like it is, both positive and negative, much to the benefit of First Class First Aid. Al is an exceptional sales executive, with an amazing ability to build relationships. But behind the loud and boisterous exterior lies a man who will be there anytime you need him, no questions asked. Such a crucial member of our team.

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Hayley is not your typical accountant! She is exceptional with business finances and advice. The quintessential, no-nonsense professional. However, afterhours Hayley is the life of the party and a very loyal friend. She has a passion for travel and loves spending time with her beautiful dogs. She also has a kick-arse motorcycle! She will never stop surprising you!

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Jocelyn is an amazing team player, with a passion for anything health, fitness and wellbeing. We are lucky to have her to keep our quality systems under control and running smoothly, as she is exceptional in the level of detail and new knowledge that she applies to her work. Joce is a very proud and dedicated mum, who I’m sure will pass on her love of all things outdoors and environmentally-sound principles to the next generation. Reading a good article or book? Check with Jocelyn first to find out if it is a good one.


Kristen, what a legend! Our newest team addition, and what a mess we would be without her. She is a whiz with anything IT. When the rest of us are throwing our toys, Kristen comes up with a solution faster than the speed of sound! Kristen is a busy mum of 4, but that does not prevent her from living life to the full. She renovates like a professional and still finds time to socialise (often into the wee small hours!) - I don’t know where she finds the energy!